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1.How do you care for Remy hair?
  You must not sleep on it. It is best to braid the hair and tie it up with a satin scarf or bonnet. you need to wash and condition the hair to keep it moisturized and free from damage . Upon arrival of hair may be slightly damp with a mixture of grape seed oil and pure spring water. The reason for this is because this is real human hair and it has to stay moisturized during transition. Please use the productsspecifically designed  for Remy Indian Hair. It will prolong the life of your beautiful hair while feed  nutriention  it needs for up to a year. Shampoo and condition your hair at least once every 2 weeks to maintain your haiR beautiful and healthy .

2. How often can I wash my hair?
  As often as you like

3. Can I color my hair?
  You can color your hair with any permanent dye kit at any local beauty store with no special skills needed, you also can have your hair layered after you get it.

4. I have Alopecia. Can I wear a Lace Front unit?
Yes. We have hundreds of satisfied clients that have the same problem. We have the answer to many women with any hair problems, because your unit covers your entire head and leaves no natural hair out and it allows you to apply your daily products to your natural hair . The french lace allows your scalp to breathe because it is so light and airy

5. What is the difference between light yaki and heavy yaki?
  Heavy yaki just looks more coarse and more kinky than light yaki hair, both suits Africa American women.

6. Can i wear the hair in high ponytails, up-dos and braids?
  Yes, full lace caps allow you to wear these styles

7. How much do you charge for shipping ?
  Our shipping fee is caculated based on the distance of the destination and the weight of your package.

8. Can i wear lace wig if i have my own hair?
  Sure, we recommend that you have your own hair braided to your scalp or simple pull  all of your hair back and pin against your headas flat as possible .

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